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  1. Jawaharlal Nehru Scholar, Hamburg, Germany, 1957-60

  2. Urgent Anthropology Award for research by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, 1967

  3. Visiting Professor, Hamburg University, 1968

    • 1st from Odisha to be Visiting Professor in the Social Sciences in Europe

  4. Visiting Lecturer, Amsterdam, Cologne and Heidelberg Universities, 1969

  5. Consultant, UNESCO, Bangkok, 1979

  6. Director, UNESCO Research Project on “Swidden Cultivation in Asia”, Bangkok, 1979-80

  7. Guest of UNESCAP Population Division, Bangkok and the East-West Population Institute, East-West Centre, University of Hawaii on “issues of Demographic Research and Population Policies in the third world countries”, 1979

  8. As a Member of the Permanent Council, IUAES, participated in the Inter-Congress of IUAES on “Rural Development in South Asia”, Amsterdam, 1981

  9. Fellow, ICSSR for Research, Bali, Indonesia, 1982

  10. Visiting Fellow, German Academic Exchange Service, Heidelberg and Bielefeld, 1983

  11. Co-Chairman, Final Plenary Session on Focal theme, “Anthropology and Challenges of Development”, and another session on “Urgent Anthropology”, 10th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, (IUAES) New Delhi, 1978

  12. Chairman, International Symposium on “Development and Population Displacement”, 11th IUAES, Vancouver, 1983

  13. Convenor, Symposium on World View, Metaphilosophy and Nature at the International Conference on Man and Environment, 1983

  14. Co-Chairman, International Symposium on “Anthropology of the Future”, 11th IUAES, Vancouver, 1983

  15. Consultant, World Bank in India and the US on Rehabilitation of displaced population, 1985-88, 1995-96

  16. Fellow, the Ford Foundation, for research in South East Asia, Jakarta, 1987

    • 1st from Odisha to get this Fellowship

  17. Visiting Fellow, IDPAD (IMWOO-ICSSR), The Hague, Netherlands, 1988

  18. Chairman, International Symposium on “Anthropology of Crisis Management”, 12th IUAES, Zagreb, 1988

  19. Member, Permanent Council of IUAES till 1988

  20. Visiting Scholar, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) at the Universities of Bielefeld, Bremen, Hamburg and Munich, Germany, 1991

  21. Chairman, International Conference on Cultural Relations between India (Kalinga) and Indonesia (Bali), Bali, 1993

  22. Speaker, International Conference on Reconstruction of Livelihoods, University of Oxford, 1996.

  23. Keynote Speaker, International Congress in Rural Sociology, Rio de Janeiro, 2000

  24. Presented Papers at the following International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences

    • 6th Congress, Paris, 1960 on “Socio-cultural change in India”

    • 8th Congress, Tokyo and Kyoto, 1968 on “Ritual Kinship in Orissa”

    • 9th Congress, Chicago, 1973

    • 10th Congress, New Delhi, 1978

    • 11th Congress, Quebec and Vancouver, 1983

    • 12th Congress, Zagreb, 1988

    • 13th Congress, Mexico City, 1993

    • 14th Congress, Williamsburg, 1998

  25. Member, Commissions of IUAES (International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences affiliated to UNESCO) on

    • Anthropology of Global Environmental Change

    • Anthropology in Policy and Practice

    • Folk Law and Legal Pluralism

    • Futurology

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